This Xbox series X refrigerator is a ‘prize’ that you can ‘win’

The Xbox Series X is ugly. I know some are fascinated by its brutal slab design, but something can be both ugly and captivating at the same time and how the new Xbox is designed compared to the PS5’s curvature chassis is quite beautiful. However, one thing may not be ugly and interesting at all, but just curious, which I argued in the case of this Xbox series X-shaped refrigerator.

Microsoft is leaning towards jokes about the fridge-like design of the Series X with this discount, but what I enjoy about the marketing gag is that the Xbox Series X doesn’t even look like a fridge. It looks like a horrible fridge and if I can’t find an alternative to any other fridge I just want to own it. If this is the case for that person then I am happy for them, but also sad for them, because now they have to see this Xbox fridge.

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