A virtual companion to help us understand the general terms of use on the Internet

“Researchers often claim that the phrase ‘I have read and agree to the terms and conditions’ is the biggest lie on the Internet.” It is systematic that, when we connect to an online service or application, we must agree to the general terms of use of these services in which we get lost. Field Systems Studios envisioned a digital character, a kind of virtual companion, that would help us see more clearly. In this future project, our partners who look like a small digital bibendum will for example appear in augmented reality on a tablet, and deal with the ambiguity of all these rules for artificial intelligence. Our small 3D avatar will help us protect our interests online – a permanent companion to act independently of any brand or platform. The complex jargon used in online regulations that we blindly accept will be translated into more understandable language and privacy concerns of disagreement over our values ​​will be immediately exposed. Our digital partner will alert us to the risky apps we use. It is the form and shape of our digital partner that will alert us. Building on the fact that we’ve already allowed digital assistants to come into our home, this app will find out who and what to trust online to help us choose “more embodied artificial intelligence” What is the meaning of “living together”. The trusted site you know of is the francbleu.fr “Connected” section


Find out more: blog.laval-virtual.com

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