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It is therefore these cards that determine the outcome of the feud in the title, developed by Belgian studio Abracum, with the participation of producer Richard Garfield. Magic One who knows a little bit about card fighting. With his meticulous artistic direction, Evil book Propose to select a pair of heroes from the 4 available: Sharra slices in a hurry, Soroko passes attacks, Aurora reveals her magic, and Seifer reveals his wrath against those who targeted him. Have dared

Each hero actually has a collection of more than 50 cards, a personal treasure, and their own talent tree. At the beginning of each turn, players are informed of the attacks they must make. So it is up to them to set up the right strategies and bring the cards down to optimize the order at the best time and in the right order.

Roguelike obliges, each defeat involving a restart at the beginning of the game that leaves the procedural generation to reverse everything, but each game will give you a slightly more powerful thanks to new cards and unlocked skills . The game system offers to improve your card with 30 gems. Therefore perseverance will be an essential quality to overcome a bestiary with more than 50 different enemies.

NACON and AbraKam also announce an average of 20 hours of play time to watch the end and a hundred hours of play time to unlock everything. Defeating the final boss reveals the next level of epilogue, knowing that each level provides access to new treasures, gems, and events, freeing up tough enemies. Eh yes.

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