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Capcom Continuing to monopolize attention in the video game world in early 2021, with a series of speaking engagements and releases throughout the semester. If the Japanese publisher had its first cartridge this year Ghost’n Goblin Resurrection, Serious things really started Monster hunter’s rise And will expire (Meanwhile excluding declaration) With Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Without forgetting the release of Resident evil village. In addition to many live presentations to inform updates of previously released games or features for upcoming ones, the Japanese publisher is too talkative to inform the sale of its successful titles.

May 28, 2021 Capcom So reported to pass рен Million Day Monster Hunter Rise, Two months after the title was released on the hybrid platform of Nintendo. As always, the purpose of the comparison is clearly the final game of the series to better understand these sales, Monster hunter world. L’Needed The switch So always remains behind in relation to his elder who was coming 8 lakhs Of sales with a similar marketing period. Despite everything, the performance of Growth Given that the latter has been released on only one platform, it is commendable PS4 And Xbox One From Monster hunter world (Graph by @ChartsJapan)

Monster hunter's rise

Like he usually does, Capcom Thank the players for their interest in their game by donating item packs to use in-game. this “Kamura Pack 3: Big Hit Concert“Is exactly the same as pack number 2 and includes 30 mega potions, 30 well done steaks, 10 barrel bombs as well as 5 potions increase attack and defense Player’s. To take advantage of item Very useful for hunting, talking to NPC will be enough “Senry the postman” in the village Kamura While a recent 3.0 update has been installed on its console.

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