Amazon has just converted its Echo Show connected screen to surveillance cameras.

Turn your connected screen into a surveillance camera? It is now possible for a new function that has come to the Echo show from Amazon. These smart displays / speakers have a webcam commonly used for video calls, but Amazon now uses it for its new home monitoring feature as well.

This allows you to see what the webcam is filming on your smartphone, but to move the camera from left to right if you have the latest Echo Show 10 equipped with a motorized system. It is also available in Echo Show 5 and 8 in static mode.

Also to find in the video:

The home monitoring function should be activated by going into the settings of the connected device, then entering the password for its Amazon account.
It is possible to activate an audible warning that indicates that the camera is filming, or may even blur the first seconds of recording. You can then see what your Echo Show is filming using the Amazon Alexa app.
However, this function has limitations, as you cannot record what the webcam is filming, nor benefit from motion detection alerts.

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