Imagine the sound of home in augmented reality

Yuri Suzuki’s “Sound Bubbles” “Space 10” is a research and design laboratory whose mission is to create better daily life for us, for the people, and for the planet. The lab is running projects for IKEA and has invited designers and researchers to introduce innovative solutions to our interior. Japanese Yuri Suzuki envisioned creating sound bubbles that are represented in 3D augmented reality and in color on the screen. Today, more than ever, we find ourselves using our home for myriad activities. Our living room becomes our office; Our kitchen becomes … a call center. Such continued presence of activity challenges our sense of privacy not only with respect to personal space, but also with respect to sound in our interior. With “Sound Bubbles”, literally, “Sound Bubbles”, designer Yuri Suzuki wanted to explore how we could use sound to create localized “moments” of silence in the house. , The app will recognize the source of various sounds around us. And also emit the sound required to cancel them. On our tablet, we would have visual feedback in the augmented reality of room sounds. In this way, we can observe silence in the form of colored bubbles. Sound suppression technologies have been around for a very long time. The “phase cancellation” technique takes a sound wave and simply adds contrast, reducing the sound to near silence. Our connected speakers can recognize the source of all the various sounds around us as well as emit the audio needed to remove it. Listen in our bubble: this is…. Already… silence….

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