Odd West trailer displays immersive sim influences

Weird West trailer shows immersive sim influences

“I just cannot very get what Odd West is as a video game, but I bloody love the aesthetic,” our Nate stated very last month. He’d just observed a Observe3 trailer which experienced plenty of mood but not a great deal of the sport. It is an motion-RPG with some immersive sim-ish bits, yeah? From some people previously of Dishonored and Prey devs Arkane? I’m nonetheless not very confident about the form of the sport but a new trailer from Devolver Digital’s stream tonight displays a lot more than I’d witnessed in advance of.


“Weird West is developed in a way that accommodates lots of playstyles and many playthroughs,” WolfEye Studios co-founder Raphael Colantonio explains. “Whether you like combat or trickery or stealth or a combine of all of that, you will delight in experimenting with the tools the sport presents in a technique-wealthy and bodily-simulated globe.”

Colantonio was previously president and imaginative director at Arkane, and he co-started WolfEye with previous Arkane government producer Julien Roby. So, y’know, they do like immersive sims. And they say this motion-RPG is partly 1?

The movie exhibits bits such as sneaking with visible stealth cones, water putting you out if you’re on fire, and long lasting effects to steps like thieving from or killing friendly NPCs. But I don’t believe it is going for Divinity: Original Sin levels of immersive sim-y roleplaying? Still not pretty guaranteed what it is. Curious to see.

Unusual West is coming to Steam… at some place.

Whichever you get in touch with it, hit our E3 2020 tag for more from this summer’s blast of gaming announcements, trailers, and miscellaneous advertising. Our E3 stream plan will tell you what to look at and when. See all the Computer system online games at the PlayStation 5 clearly show and every little thing at the Computer Gaming Show, for starters.

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