The app forced you to give a good rating to open it

Self-proclaimed professional App Store reviewer Costa Eleftherio recently discovered a fraudulent app on Apple’s store. Called UPNP Xtreme and allows users to broadcast video on a television, the service has set up a new strategy at Apple to evaluate well on the firm’s application delivery platform. As soon as it opened, the app invited the user to rate it by displaying a window. Yes … except that this dialogue could not be closed, the site states The Verge. Exploiting a bug in Apple’s evaluation API (programming interface), it paralyzed application usage until the user published their review. Worse, thanks to the trick, it was impossible to give ratings below 3 stars (being the maximum), as detailed in a demonstration video posted on Twitter by scam app Finder.

“This trick is extremely easy for any developer to do and is not limited to this application,” Costa Eleftherio explained on the social network. Unexpectedly, after their report, the UPNP Extreme app was removed from the App Store. It had over 15 million downloads.

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