Xiaomi left blacklist, Huawei turned to software

With sanctions threatened by the United States, Xiaomi and Huawei are on a fundamentally different trajectory. The former is officially removed from the blacklist, while Huawei tries to find a way out.

Smartphone manufacturers Xiaomi and Huawei have in common that they are Chinese giants, but also that they are in the sights of the United States. At the beginning of the first year a farewell gift was received from Donald Trump’s administration: Xiaomi was placed on the blacklist of the US government, which named it as one. “Communist Chinese Military Enterprise”. After a temporary withdrawal, the manufacturer won his case in mid-May. The United States officially removed Xiaomi from its blacklist, ending a conflict that risked losing American investors to the Chinese conglomerate.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Huawei Mate 40 Pro is not equipped with Google services © LaboFnac

Xiaomi was not subject to the same restrictions as his compatriot Huawei, but he is happy with the deal: “Xiaomi is pleased to announce that on May 25, 2021” […] Columbia U.S. The District Court ordered the company’s U.S. The Department of Defense issued a final order reversing the designation as ‘Chinese Communist Military Company’ (CCMC). By revoking the designation, the court formally lifted all restrictions on the ability of US citizens to purchase or hold securities in the company., Explained the firm in a press release.

Huawei wants to turn to software to “rule the world”

This decision was expected and allows Xiaomi to continue its progress, taking full advantage of Huawei’s difficulties. Other Chinese giants are still subject to sanctions that endanger its future. In order to remain competitive and achieve its independence, Huawei wants to keep growth apart and rebuild itself. The hardware To focus on your strategy Software. According to information Reuters, Huawei is now looking to focus on software development. In an internal memorandum overseen by the agency, founder and CEO Ren Zhengyi asked the firm’s employees “Dare to dominate the world” In the field of software.

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They believe that this change will certainly allow the company to pass. “Out of control of the United States” And benefits “Greater independence and autonomy”. Huawei’s project involves the deployment of its HarmonyOS operating system. Always ambitious, the firm goes on to say: “Once we dominate Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa, if America’s standards do not match our standards, and if we cannot enter the United States, the United States cannot. Do not enter our territory “.

A strong speech from Huawei’s CEO, who recently sold Honor to allow him to continue its development. However the Chinese firm will have to confirm its statements by successfully assuring the general public without the Google ecosystem. Motivating other Chinese manufacturers to switch to their operating systems may help the Shenzhen giant.

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