Windows 10, April 2021 patch ends Tuesday Microsoft Edge (legacy)

Microsoft has finally eliminated Edge Legacy, the first native browser for Windows 10. This application is now automatically replaced by the Chromium version.

This handover was announced a few days ago. This happened on the occasion of Patch Tuesday in April 2021. New Windows 10 cumulative updates take care of this operation.

Roadmap – Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge Legacy

Apparently when you install the cumulative update offered as part of major maintenance for the month of April, Windows 10 automatically removes the Edge Legacy browser and then downloads its replacement. If you have already installed Microsoft Edge “Chromium”, the operation removes the EdgeHTML version from the browser.

Microsoft explains

“When you apply this update to your devices, the Microsoft Edge Legacy desktop app will be removed and a new Microsoft Edge installed. The latter provides our best inter-security with built-in security and the Microsoft security ecosystem. In addition, it is more secure for companies under Windows 10. than Chrome.

Windows 10 et microsoft edge

Microsoft edge browser

Microsoft edge browser

The transition to the new browser should be smooth. Usually all the data from the first version is automatically kept and transferred to the new version. This includes bookmarks, history and passwords.

Microsoft specifies

“We do not recommend ignoring this update. Windows 10 cumulative updates fix critical faults. In addition, optimization of Windows 10 such as the choice of default browser and subsequent presence in the taskbar is retained. For example, if you pinned Microsoft Edge Legacy to the taskbar, there will be a new version. “

Microsoft Edge Chromim is available in various operating systems. It works on Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8.1, but also on MacOS and Linux. Android and iOS mobile versions are also available.

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