When will the PS5 return to stock?

The PS5 arrived, and then immediately disappeared again.

Fans are trying and trying to get as much as they want in stock PlayStation 5 consoles.

But these are very few and far between – every retailer announces as soon as they sell the stock they receive. (Their website always comes down because of interest))

Here are the latest developments in all major retailer stocks, whether they have a console and whether some are arriving soon.

It was great hope for the day of redemption. Amazon suggested they refresh their stock at noon – when it arrived, the website crashed, and when it returned, they were “currently available.”

It’s not clear if anyone actually bought one during the outage. But neither way is bought right now.

More recovery may come throughout the day, so keep an eye on this page and our live coverage.

Game – Most out of stock

At the time of release, the game website showed a host of a “pre-order” that said you can buy now and should arrive by December 10th. It is providing bundles that include games, accessories and even T-shirts.

Trying to buy these was fairly tough, but customers are reporting more than an hour of virtual queues.

Curry – out of stock

On the day of release, more consoles were to arrive from Curry at 9am. Then they were delayed and then they were completely canceled.

John Lewis – Out of stock

Probably the most hurtful, the entire John Lewis website went down in hopes of a backlash on the morning of its release. It is now backed up, but without a console to offer.

There will be no consoles to sell on the release date – standing in front of the subject and when people update it – Argos was fairly quiet all day. It says more will come from time to time, so it’s still worth keeping an eye on them.

Speaking of transparency, he also says that it has no console left and it will not get any time soon. Anyone who visits the website sees an error message that looks like it was written in the face of most annoyed customers.

“We’re really sorry, but unfortunately we don’t have any PlayStation 5 consoles available to order right now and we won’t be getting any stock in the near future,” it said.

Studio.co.uk – Out of stock

After a bit of stock in the morning, the studio now seems to be running out once again. But they may be refreshed during the day.

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