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Update: Earlier this year, developer Blizzard confirmed that Ou Shadowlands is scheduled to release on Monday, November 23, 2020 at 11am GMT in the UK.

Meanwhile, gamers in locations like Paris and Berlin will have to wait another 24 hours, technically the launch will be released on November 24 in these regions.

U.S. servers will see the larger world of workcraft expansion on PDT at 3 p.m., Monday.

Original: The new world of workcraft expansion is arriving today, after a series of serial delays and disasters, with a big patch planned to launch on the server in the coming hours. The pre-patch event has provided fresh content to enjoy until the latest of this DLC launch, but it won’t compare to what Blizzard has planned for this year and the year after. The journey beyond the broken veil means completing unique challenges for your chosen contract.

As already confirmed by Blizzard, each deal provides 15 unique allies, with whom you will meet Soulbinds, 6 adventurers that you will recruit through Renoun, and an additional 6 who can be rescued from Torghust, the Tower of Diamond.

And beyond the release time of this week’s Oo Shadowland, the first expedition experience of the expansion will also be launched.

The Wa Shadowlands season begins on December 1 with the opening of Castle Natharia.

There will be plenty of adventure for those who try out the eight new dengue-4 leveling cells and 4 top level treasures in Shadowlands. Adventurers will be able to enter the darkness of each plane level as they advance into the Bashan, Maldraxixus, Ardenweld and Revendreth regions.

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But before that happens, it’s a good idea to know exactly when Shadowlands will be available for download and play.

Release the Wow Shewdlands date and turn on the time news

Blizzard has confirmed that the release date of the new Wade Shadowlands in the United States is set for November 23, 2020.

The World of Warcraft Development Team has confirmed that Ou Shadowlands will begin its journey in the United States on November 23, with the new expansion to be broadcast live on November 24 in most parts of Europe.

For gamers in the UK, the release of Ou Shadlands is set for November 23 at 11pm GMT.

Meanwhile, gamers in locations like Paris and Berlin will have to wait another 24 hours, technically the launch will be released on November 24 in these regions.

As always, it would be worthwhile to keep an eye on the official world of the workaround of social media feeds, as there can always be last-minute changes.

But nothing new has been released other than sharing new videos and music by Ou Shadowlands which suggests that there is another delay in the work.

Wow added a message from the development team: “I’m happy to announce that this expansion will arrive at 3pm PST on November 23 (CET on November 24 at 12 noon).

“We would like to thank everyone in the Waugh community for creating new characters in the Shadlands pre-patch (and for keeping Azeroth’s friends extra busy) as well as all the beta testers who helped us get there today. Continue to provide invaluable feedback about our expansion.

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“Since we first told you about the delay decision, we have used the termination arrow to extend the time and re-work the contract arrangements, including the battle of Maui and overwalling the rewards, and to make your choice more immediate, with immediate and clear long-term goals.” There are.

“Now the team is in a great position to cover the rest of the finish line before November 23rd – and as always, we are committed to working with you to improve the game as long as we are out. “

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