Twitter activates 4K on mobile for better photos in tweet

Relevant for all users who want better image quality, but also and especially for artists and photographers who use Twitter to upload and view images in 4K, on ​​Twitter on iOS and Android versions Uploading and viewing large-scale images. After activating the two options from the application settings, this new feature allows you to better present your tweet to pictures in more detail, with more detail.

4K images are coming in a big way on Twitter for iOS and Android.

As The Verge states, the web version of Twitter already supported photos in 4K (4096 x 4096 pixels), but the Twitter application on iOS and Android was limited to only half of this definition (2048 x 2048 pixels). Were. Note that it was possible on the other hand, to download locally in 4K from the application, an image previously uploaded in this definition from the web version.

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Today the dual option for 4K images is deployed among all users, but does not happen as if by magic. Twitter had already begun testing it with a small portion of users. Social Media Today states that the platform also introduced another function in testing, which allows full images to be displayed in tweets rather than cropped versions … which often hide an image. This functionality can be deployed on a large scale over the long term.

But back to 4K. To enjoy it on your smartphone, you must first activate it. To do this, Twitter suggests that it is sufficient to go to settings related to data usage. To access it, open the left pane from your feed, then click on “Settings and Privacy”. All you have to do is go to “data usage” to activate the photos in 4K for upload and consultation as per your choice. Nothing could be simpler, these are the first two options that appear in this tab after the data saver (which will be truncated when activated).

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