Transatlantic Trouble: Porsche 911C8 Meets Chevrolet Corvette

This 911 is so refined, respected and believable that it is probably a sports car that is still complete. I would argue that while it sometimes feels very fascinating and complete on the road, the 911 is transformed into something else – almost like an executive, a sporty coupe, not a sports car. Somewhat Mercedes-Benz SL, it’s even better.

I don’t think the carpet can do what 911 can do on the street. Of course, it’s long enough but it felt like on a smooth surface and going to Silverston’s on-site fuel station, the correction and comfort didn’t match the 911 but you know, it’s very fun and it’s a 6.2-liter near your shoulder V8, and there’s nothing wrong with having it, is there?

Which brings us to the nature of living in the UK. General Motors has announced the price of the right-hand-drive Corvette (starting at £ 81,700) in the UK this summer, despite the removal of the European and right-hand-drive markets as it cannot make any money on passenger cars. What do you call the model where there is nothing under the hollow? GM’s only official UK dealer, Ian Allan Motors in Surrey, already has about 200 orders and several cars will want to go with them.

The problem is that with this and that, production in the U.S. is already lagging behind supply, and the place where GM sells a lot of cars remains its priority, so we won’t see a British-described Corvette before next. Or maybe even later. So established prices – cheaper than we thought – will change by then.

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So if you want now, you can take the source from the US or ask someone else to do it for you, where Clive Sutton comes from. The price depends on different things. Still that kind of ‘it’ car. Then there is the local tax, then there will be shipping, then more tax with more VAT when it comes to the UK and then it has to go through the IVA test, with some amendments to make it legal and well, you are looking at something anyone in the UK It cost about 95 95,000 before it made any money. Granted they won’t do anything without it and your mileage may vary depending on the exchange rate and Spike and American Dealer Premium, Sutton told me to insure our test Corvette for £ 130,000.

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