The Surface Duo gets better tick support and availability outside the United States

Microsoft announced in a blog today that its dual-screen phone, the Surface Duo, will get an “enhanced” tic-tac-toe application that will take advantage of its design. The company also announced that the two would be available in the United States in early 2000.

When Edge Reviewing the Surface Duo, we liked the hardware of the device, but had concerns about its modified Android software. These two were buggy at the time of release and many non-Microsoft applications that took advantage of the dual screen setup were not present. The Surface Duo can run common Android phone applications on any screen, but requires specific tailoring using split-screen features designed by Microsoft.

The applications of groups that use Microsoft’s “poses” and multitasking features remain small, but TickTock is added as a social communication medium.

Surface Duo’s new tickling experience.
Image: Microsoft

The company says TickTock will use both screens, allowing you to see the “for you” feed on one screen while browsing hashtags and searching for videos on the other. Microsoft highlighted the Spotify and Kindle apps when launching the Duty, but TickTock has been one of the biggest apps to add full support ever since. (Earlier this year, Microsoft itself tried to buy the company from ByteDance.)

In addition to the new app, Microsoft has said that the Surface Duo will be available for purchase in Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom in early 2021. Can expect an update about Surface Neo.

The “Extended” TickTock app should be available to both owners right now.

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