The new company Dreamhaven • Eurogamernet in the description of the former blizzard boss

The new company Dreamhaven • Eurogamernet in the description of the former blizzard boss

Staffed by a team of top blizzard alumni.

Former Blizzard boss Mike Morheim has detailed his new game company Dreamhaven and released a roster of top ex-Blizzard talent in the lead role.

After 27 years at the co-founded company and 14 years as its president, Moriheim returned to Blizzard in late 2018. Several other high profile names followed.

Dreamhaven’s announcement was made today where many have ended.

The company consists of two separate studio teams – Munshot and Secret Door – led by former Blizzard talent.

Munshot is led by Jason Choice, as well as Dustin Broder and Ben Thompson. Everyone has worked as a producer and director on blizzard games like Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and Storm Heroes.

Secret Door is led by Chris Sigati, who previously led Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 teams. Associated with him are Horststone director Eric Dodds and stream developer Alan Dabir’s Heroes.

Former Blimzard employees are also in Dreamhaven.

“We’re almost trying to create a haven for creators who want an environment that is conducive to development, valuable products and short-term financial pressures compared to the player’s experience,” Venturetic said. “We believe in the power of gaming to bring people together and as a liberation from unpleasant things that can bring reality that in that sense it is also a sanctuary.

“We like the image of the lighthouse as a lighthouse and it inspires us because we hope that Swapnaven can be a beacon of hope for others in the art of sharing our values ​​and philosophies. Can be and can be a lot of fun and get positive results. “

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When VentureBeat was asked why so many icebreaker employees left the company and joined Morheim’s own position, there was supposed to be “incomplete business”.

“I think it was probably difficult for all of us to go our separate ways,” Morheim said. “I’ve been there for about 26 years and a big part of my identity was really involved in blizzards that it took me a long time to separate myself from this.”

“I had a lot of fun during my time at Blizzard and still have a lot of friends,” Choice added. “But is there an incomplete business? There are a few more things we want to do. There’s a need to tell more stories, create more games, and find out what developers and publishers need to see in the future. This is an opportunity to build an organization. “

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