Stunning new images of supermassive black hole M87 *

Early xixI Century, physicists had already started To outline the concept of black hole and the wave theory of light Laplace and Fresnel in France, with the work of Mitchell and Young in Great Britain. None of them has conjectured the observations made today in the field of electromagnetic waves, ranging from radio photons to gamma photons and showing the shadow of the incident horizon of the black hole M87 *, and ultimately all matter is one. The jet is rising above its accretion disk, until it hosts a massive elliptical galaxy with a supermassive black hole at its center.

Over two centuries, Nosphere has made astounding progress that allows members of the association today Event horizon telescope (EHT) to combine his observations with radio telescopes made by his colleagues with visible light (Hubble and Swift), ultraviolet light (Swift) and X-rays (Chandra et) NuSTAR) Belongs to. The results are spectacular, as we can see with the video below, but also by consulting the article that astronomers have just published The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

The work presented is indeed the fruit of a collective reflection of humanity, tomorrow and today because the data collected from late March to mid-April 2017 requires the minds of 760 scientists and engineers from around 200 institutions spread across thirty-two countries. Or area. They used observatories funded by agencies and institutions around the world. Remember thatEvent horizon telescope Is a virtual telescope used for very long base interferometry (or VLBI) Very long baseline interferometry In English), making it possible to combine small devices to achieve the equivalent of a very large device, in this case a radio telescope over 5,000 kilometers in diameter.

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