See the consequences of using Google Maps

Google Map Is one of the most useful services of Google. This has made it very popular among users who find the geolocation service of great search engines very useful.

However, indiscriminate use Google Map It can bring unimaginable results, according to a study conducted by the University of California at Santa Barbara in the United States.

The study indicates that Excessive use of Google Maps can cause hippocampal shrinkage in the human brain. That is, it will affect the cognitive abilities of the user.

The hippocampus is the place in our brain where we map our environment, According to the definition of Nicholas George Carr. As we use the hippocampus to move from one place to another, excessive use of Google Maps gives us pauses of this type of brain capabilities.

4 tips for using Google Maps

Use offline maps

Google Maps has a very interesting and useful option: offline maps. If you drive to a place where you feel there will be no Internet signal, you can enter the platform beforehand and save maps of the routes you want to visit later, when You have no signal.

This option is very useful for those who plan to travel to remote and remote locations where the signal is usually lost, such as mountains, beaches, small cities, etc.

Get specific information about restaurants and hotels

We tell you that this option came as part of the Google Maps update. This useful option sends you a notification to inform you which bars and restaurants are open. But not only that, it also tells you which of them are closest to you. The advantage is that now filters like ratings, prices, etc. can be applied to choose the site that you like best.

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Lane change assist

Once you enter the Google Maps road navigation system, the intelligent system will give you a notification in real time, with which you will know that this is a good time to change lanes. This option helps drivers not to reach and reach their destination on time.

Save a place to go later

If you find yourself walking on the street, alone or with your family and in a place that attracts your attention, you can save it with just one tap in the Google Maps system, later on any computer or tablet like ours You can see the details of the place on the device. .

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