Samsung’s Exynos 1000 could be faster than the Snapdragon 875


IOS Never Again, 1 hour agoThis guy hates gaming on the phone and gaming phones in general. There is no point in arguing … moreIndeed. I’m just trying to explain it ain failing


Anonymous, 1 hour agoIn the future, mobile gaming, consoles will actually be live, but gaming phones must be more …The mobile gaming industry is a fast growing industry in terms of technology.
Haters will hate gaming phones in the face of the truth.


Lord, 14 hours ago“The advantages are small” I think you are not a mobile gamer, there is moreThis guy hates gaming on the phone and gaming phones in general.
There is no point in arguing with him. He’s been getting ownership of every thread lately.


M3S4, 1 hour agoA better experience to play is not related to the popularity of the fps game or its market share …In the future mobile gaming, consoles will actually be live but gaming phones will definitely be more popular. All these guys say that sucking mobile graphics or gaming phones is meaningless etc. It is not just to be avoided that gaming phones are such an advantage and people prefer that running gaming and gaming phones offer other benefits. Just let them know what they like, time will tell who is right


21 hours ago MagicMonkeyBoyBuddy … depending on the speed of the clock … Exynos can be on Qualcomm as well as 3G … no … moreVery true, but I’m referring to your gaming phones that control everything they do


Morsel, 19 September 2020Gaming phones make me feel stupid. I mean, I don’t like others. They w … like moreThe better experience to play is not related to the popularity of the fps game or its market share. Data from around the world shows that the future of mobile gaming is not an alternative to mobile console or PC gaming.

However I am a PC gamer, and as I get older I am becoming “lazy”. I sometimes like to play pubs or puzzle games in my bed.


I, 7 hours agoIt’s youIs this me?


Nodal to mesh, 10 hours agoIf you talk about the gaming phone, it doesn’t even match the quality of the iPad Pro and the gameplay.I totally agree with you. But as I said, it may not offer the best PC gaming. Meanwhile Nubia can give you the best smartphone gaming experience on mobile
But I totally agree computers are more valuable than that


21 hours ago MagicMonkeyBoyMy red magic is great. Gaming phone rule period. Much better experience than my Anaplus … more” Gaming Phones Rules Period ” ‘
Come on, try to prove you wrong. And please do better as a kind of respect this time. Like ordinary people.

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Now … start with the design: for me, for you, for many other people it’s a great design. You can flash it to your friends, cool down with it, whatever, I agree.
But what do 10% of Europeans who have to work in some office do? Have a meeting to join? What, do you think they won’t be embarrassed in front of other people because they have a bright LED light on the back of their phone? Or the overall design? In contrast to me and you, which I hope both of us are not over 23 years old (I am just a child under 22 years old), they are adult men (women don’t buy these). And this adult man will be so embarrassed to show it to the women around the table that they forget the plans they are making without taking notes on the calendar.
Now to the software / hardware.
Software, hmm what a beautiful place.
I have a lot of bugs in BS2, I can’t even list them here. Yes it is a budget phone, it is chi *** e, you can easily avoid these. But what if you want a more premium experience? This is a call for a family. Now part of the BS2 update. Well I still have it on Android 9. Why? Because if I dare to update to Android 10, my mic will stop working and my battery will run out. This gaming phone has a key software.
And it’s not just black sharks. Nubia has trouble translating it. Doesn’t this kind of thing rule it out now? And don’t tell me you have no other problem with Nubia, I desperately don’t believe it. Asus disease is more or less a truly perfect device, I agree. But only if your bank account is bigger than a giraffe’s neck. If you own Nubia, you probably don’t.
Gaming? Come on don’t give me Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. No it’s not. And you said something about the Antu benchmarks being higher … Can you see the difference between an S20 Ultra and a Nubia? No you don’t, since they can both play pubs in exactly the same way.
A 500 euro phone that limits you to most pubs and Cods as good as 2000 euros rather than a gaming computer? Can you believe me that all day Pubg game is better than Tomb Raider, Far Cry, GTA etc? Don’t get me started on portability, as you just said it’s your “mini computer”. And for portability you can get a gaming laptop for 2000 euros which can share a fair amount of gaming …
Seriously man, gaming phones are not the best. Maybe for you, for me, but not for everyone

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But is it the same power management? Is it temperature-efficient? There are so many reasons why it is annoying to place two separate chips in the same model. Foolish Samsung.


Morsel, 19 September 2020You are again comparing it in the wrong way. The SD855 is definitely more efficient than the Exynos 79 … moreDon’t understand ??? A 3100mm Exnos 7904 lasts longer than the 4000 Massa SD 855 7 This 7904 is less efficient d
What you don’t understand is that, according to personal experience, the 7904 proved to be much more efficient than the SD 855 and had a much larger battery.


KondriX, 23 hours agoBecause high temperatures kill the battery and the gap in the footprint of a smartphone is near the battery …You’re right, you can’t agree. Different from everyone here, you understand and you taught me something, thank you


Morsel, 19 September 2020How much does a gaming phone cost? 800 for Asus ?? An 800 $ PC will give better results. An IQ (not here in Romania, as we don’t get them) can be as much as 350 euros. For 350 euros, if you don’t buy a second hand computer, which some people don’t want, it’s not good for gaming. Most of the time you can play some Vega 8 graphics and 5 GTA Which one is right, but take it well but take what you want from what I say. I said gaming phones are going to be the best all-rounders


Morsel, 19 September 2020You read the comments again and check out what it looks like. It looks like you are giving something more …Oh please stop. This is the last time I’m trying to convince you
There is no such thing as normal temp !!! Each CPU brand, be it a computer or a smartphone, has its own temps. I have compared a desktop CPU as an example, but I do not compare anything between phones and desktops. And GTX 1070? Now let’s move on to GPU temps?
No, we are not.
Each brand has its own safe temps. To give this example again, MMD is already ready to burn at 70 degrees, on the other hand no Intel can go above 85 no problem
The same can be said with Snapdragon and Exynos. Period
If you continue to shake up with other stuff I would consider you a troll, a comment count bumper or just a st *** d. I just complimented you the other day for being here with a few other good guys, but I think this day just happened to you.


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  • KJJ.

Eusera, 6 hours agoWhy is everyone hating comments? This may be wrong, but if it’s true, it’s more …But technorligian people


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  • 8J

Talha 5007, 5 hours agoThe only chance I’ve been waiting for is that Exynos will surpass Snapdragon … moreIt will be interesting to see: AMD / ATI vs. the official mobile division of today’s AMD team in an attempt to return to the mobile market.


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Asphalt-race, 5 hours agoAfter a few years of inferior exinos, finally judged? I mean Exynos customers have paid moreThere will only be time before it is released to the public .. But be aware of Samsung trolls who will always admit nothing but better …

Despite being led by criteria, my concerns still remain:
1. If the battery efficiency is behind the 15% average, there is no lead
1. There is no point of lead when the temperature is higher than 5 সেল C.


Yaga, 6 hours agoExynos will be powered by an MD GPU that is almost twice as long as leaked …What am I waiting for
The only chance Exynos will surpass Snapdragon performance


After a few years of inferior exinos, finally judged?

I mean Exynos customers have paid more at lower prices all these years

But Snapdragon owners will be disappointed that they are
Really, the Galaxy S / Note line is no longer at the top

The only way out is that they provide the same device everywhere as in Fold 2.

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