Random: Man accidentally names Neji after a Pokemon

Tiffu on the infamous Reddit board – abbreviated for today if if *** add up – a user spread beans inspired behind the cold name of his newborn nephew.

Toddler Jacqueline’s parents have no idea that her face with a sword-wielding face is actually the name of a big dog, it would seem, and user Bledhuraska plans to give the new baby some “Pokemon-related gift” for Christmas. , Friend.

Bladehuraska was playing Pokemon Sword Behind the van (you know it’s going to be a good story when it starts behind a van) and he’ll only catch the legendary Jacqueline with a quick ball.

When they were discussing the potential Unique Names, I heard they wanted to start it with the letter Z … I jokingly said, “Hey, Jacqueline is a great name. It means sword in Japanese” My mom and family loved it, so it’s official now.

Unfortunately for this man and his nephew, Jackian did No. As mentioned in the comments of the Japanese Post, Jacqueline is just Jat + Cyan, just like its legendary companion Jamazenta Ja + Magenta- you can even talk about it in this interview with GameInformer, director Shigeru Ohmorio. But the real question is, do they name their baby after their first random word after the first birth?

Still, there are many unfamiliar Pokemon named, and Jackian Beautiful Cool as the name implies. Plus, it’s a legendary Pokemon, so the kid will puzzle a bit, won’t he? What do we know You Suppose the worst Pokemon name would be given to a child. The winner will write the name of the next Nintendo Life Sprout.

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