Production of the second Apple silicon chip has begun

Mass production of the successor of the Apple M1 began this month, claims Nikki. We’re talking about a successor, but we should probably be talking about an older sibling designed for more powerful machines. As usual TSMC will be in charge. For this, the founder will use its latest engraving process, the “5 Nanometer Plus”, an improved version of the 5 nm used for the M1 and A14.

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Shipments of the new system-on-a-chip may begin in July, with the previous Mac pointing to the release of the new MacBook Pros until the second half of the year.

Are sources of Nikki Indicate that this chip is intended for “M1X” or “M2” or other (we don’t know its name yet) new laptop, but other Macs and others. “Apple device”. For Mac, we clearly think of a potentially larger iMac. Like another Apple device, we put a coin on an augmented / virtual reality headset.

For now, the shift to Apple Silicon Architecture is happening like a clockwork. Tim Cook announced in the last keynote that the Mac M1 already represents the majority of Mac sales.

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