People can expect that they can explain server issues at launch soon

There is a perception of hearing this story with each launch of AAA Shot on online games. People outside, Which largely emphasizes its cooperative side, has been a victim of success, with overloading of servers and subsequent subsequent cuts over the weekend. studio People can fly Responded quickly, but many connection problems still haunt the community, who seek answers to this entire story.

A mandatory online connection that annoys people

On Twitter, the team was challenged with a request for clarification around the situation on these issues, so the community would find out what led to all these issues. People Can Fly replied that there would be several explanations for this coming soon, which would then explain the details of this situation.

If there is too much noise in this whole weekend, this is the first because the game is a big success Top of more than 100,000 players associated with Steam And an appearance in the game pass that allows a lot of people to try the title. The most problematic fact was that a mandatory Internet connection was mandatory., Because even those who wanted to play singles could not do so.

People outside Available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Stadia. Our test will be coming soon, as well as the rest of our guides.

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