Kamino, Origin of Palpatine Clone?

Star Wars: The Bad Bach reveals a secret cloning program on Kamino that may have fulfilled Palpatine’s ambiguous plans.

Star Wars: The Bad Bach is making a fairly promising debut so far. The series seems to have managed to excite a particularly demanding audience. The first episode still caused some controversy, including an inconsistency in the escape of Padawan Kanan Jaras during Order 66. This Friday, Episode 3 revealed new interesting elements. Especially about the intentions of the Kaminoans and their determination to maintain a contract with the Empire.

Palpatine as the body of a clone in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Credit: Disney / Lucasfilm

Actually, episode 3 shows that the Comminones and their business are in danger. Tarkin is not enthusiastic about the clone, and the Cumminoes get it right. During a discussion, he explains that Genetic samples taken from Jango Fate are deteriorating rapidly. Thus they must find a plan B and improve their clones to keep a contract with the Empire. And it may be that these new experiments served as the starting point for the creation of the Palpatine clone revealed in The Rise of Skywalker.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, the kamino behind the Darth Sidious cloning program?

Actually, the genetic samples of Jango Fate deteriorate, and on the other hand the Empire risks leaving the Kamino contract.. Therefore the Kaminos must find a way to make their knowledge compulsory. May be one of the possibilities to be considered Create force-sensitive clones. It is also not impossible that the omega is the result of one of the experiments of previous research conducted by Kaminones. It may be in this case that the young girl effectively becomes a major character of the saga, as Kevin Kinner has indicated.

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Therefore the empire could later decide to capture the project for the benefit of the emperor. As a reminder, the Mandalorian introduced an imperial scientist, Doctor Pershing, whose royal emblem was inspired by the Kaminoans. So it can be strongly That the empire suits this project one way or another.

Well it is certain that Palpatine suffers from immortality. However, there is no doubt that this person prefers to prolong his life using his mastery of the dark side. In a special way Know that he met his old mentor Darth Plagueis Before killing him. But Charles Sol’s Darth Vader and The Rise of Skywalker Comics confirm that he is also considering traditional methods of cloning. More details coming in future episodes of The Bad Batch every Friday on Disney +.

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