Huawei Mate 40 Pro suddenly reveals Google’s game-changing option

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro has been released and it looks quite amazing. But if you listen carefully to the keynote, you may have heard one more announcement that seemed less interesting, but it may prove important.

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Now that the current rift between Huawei and the U.S. government means there is no possibility of Huawei accessing Google’s entire Google mobile service (such as the Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps), the company is moving toward its own solutions.

Mail is relatively easy to solve – a Huawei app is compatible enough with different email systems. The Play Store is complex, but this problem can be overcome gradually as more apps appear in the app.

But mapping is a whole other issue.

Google Maps dominated the space of Android phones and Huawei was definitely going to be the app that it must have shipped on. While you can certainly access it in the browser via, it’s not actually one.

So, some time ago Huawei got the great bright Wayo Wego on the map board and more recently, joined the fold on the TomTom Go. It was a great coup from its own right.

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We knew that Huawei had made a deal with TomTom to do more, although it is now live. We thought it would be called Huawei Maps (well, what else?) But the company surprised us and came up with the name to match the Petal Search app which is proving successful in helping users pin apps and other content, users can’t find it easily. .

Hello, Petal Map

The application icon is called a map, but it is a petal map. Setting up a successful mapping app is really tough – Apple discovered that when it launched its own map app and it took several years to get the iPhone native app.

Huawei, however, is a company like TomTom, like Apple, which has brought exceptional navigation skills and, by the way, has enlisted the help of its own highly advanced maps. Making a world map is an expensive business but Tel Tom did it a long time ago when he bought TeleAtlas.

Despite being technically in beta, the new Maps app offers many features. There are 140-plus nationwide, detailed maps and real-time traffic data in some places, including the UK. There are 3D views including cut-out buildings, section searches with places of interest and much more

Can it replace Google Maps?

Okay, that’s pretty asking. However, the initial reactions are quite positive. One of the major advantages of Her Wego is that it does not have the ability to download maps in advance. It still lacks the sophisticated multi-layer features of Google Maps, and there’s nothing like the amazing, great-looking street view of Apple Maps.

Petal Maps is a clear indication of Huawei’s determination to create something world-class without Google. Google is already a serious competitor, I suspect that great things should come from us as it develops.

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