How to import whatsapp chat in telegram using android mobile

The latest update of Telegram comes with a ruthless novelty: Shakti WhatsApp imports LINE and Kakaotalk chats into Telegram. In this way, switching from those apps to Telegram is less painful, as you can take the chat with you instead.

One of the things that makes us think twice before switching to another messaging app is with your old chat. You can export them even if they are not the same. In version 7.4, Telegram gave the table a terrible shock, enabling chat to be imported from other applications. We tell you How to import your chat in Telegram with Android Mobile.

1. Install Telegram 7.4 Beta

Importing chatting is new in Telegram 7.4. This update officially arrived on the App Store yesterday, although as of this writing, it is not yet officially available on Google Play. The general thing is that it will happen soon, although if you can’t wait any longer you can still Download the beta version of Telegram for Android.

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The good thing about this is that Telegram’s beta Acts different from officer, So you can install it, import chats and cancel them, without overwriting or modifying your official installations. You can download Telegram 7.4.0 Beta for Android here.


After downloading Telegram 7.4 beta, you need to install it (mobile may ask permission to install APK from unknown sources) and Log in with your account. If you install a stable version of Telegram at the same time, you will receive a verification code as a message on Telegram instead of SMS.

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2. Export Your Chat

Telegram cannot take your chats from WhatsApp or other apps, but you have to send them to your mobile using the Share menu. So, to import WhatsApp chat to Telegram, you have to first Export your whatsapp chat.

To do this, you have to open the conversation you want to export to WhatsApp and then tap on the menu, then select More. In the new menu that opens, press Export chat And, when prompted, indicate that you want to include files. It will also include photos, videos, animated GIFs and stickers.

Exports includeExports include

According to the Telegram changelog, this method should work for other applications such as Line ou kakaotalk. In LINE, chats can be exported in the same way: with menus, then other settings and finally export chat history, although in my tests the import to Telegram Beta did not work.

3. Import Chat in Telegram

As soon as you export WhatsApp chat, Android share menu will appear so that you can choose which app you want to send. This is the most important step: you have to choose Telegram beta, If you have installed both or, when Telegram reaches stable version 7.4, it will give you the same type of service if you choose “Telegram”.

In earlier versions of Telegram, it would send a series of photos and files as a TXT file and attachments, the app starting with Telegram 7.4 detects that this is the chat history and you request What message do you want to chat with. Choose one from your list and the import process will begin, which will take a few seconds.

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Voila, as soon as I finish the treatment, you will have In your WhatsApp chat, TelegramKeep formats, emojis, stickers, animated GIFs, videos and photos. The result is very good, essentially turning into a WhatsApp chat clone, with some (rare) cases where the attached image or sticker is not shown.

Telegram does not check if the chat you imported is with the same person Nothing prevents one person’s conversation from being imported into another. Imported messages will be sent to another person, yes, although they all contain the “Imported” tag at the bottom.

ImportedImported Imported messages show “Imported” below.

Tap “Imported” under any of these messages, which displays a notice that “This message was imported from another application. We cannot guarantee that it is real “, And it is technically very easy to create a fake chat history and import it into Telegram.

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