How to create a cover for social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Although it sounds complicated, it is not difficult to create a great cover on the social networks that allow it. We have many websites where we can do this for free or do them with specific programs, for which we must take into account the size of the photos.

Webs to cover

Some web pages allow us to create really cool covers based on templates that we can later modify to our liking.


Thanks to Canva we can create covers for the main social networks very easily and for free. We will have a template in which We will modify images, fonts and colors To adapt to what we want. We have access to our own high-quality images and pictures of Canva, so we are compelled for our own use if we do not want to. The designs are very professional And there are endless possibilities to make our cover.

Another interesting thing is that it provides us that we do not have to worry about the dimensions of each social network, because it shows what will happen to the cover, already the Canva system Customize image So that it fits perfectly.



Another website that will allow us to create a cover for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, among others. This works in a very simple way, because all we have to do is choose a template and we can modify both images, letters, colors or shapes, so that it is the cover we want. It also adapts to automatically Ideas for each social network, So the effort from our side is even less.

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We can also create collages that can be very good for networks. But not only that, but it allows us to give any publication a touch of professionalism that we want to create on various social networks. Highly recommended this website free, However there is also a paid version that offers endless possibilities.



Fotor is another website capable of creating great covers for our social networks. Something is there Template to use With over 1 million HD photos we can use if we need them. We can crop images, we have photo effects, beauty retouching and many other interesting tasks. Further, Adapts to measurement Each social network possesses and it is free, although there is a pro version that expands the list of prospects by paying.



With Craylow we will create a really beautiful cover with a professional touch that will add a lot of value to our network. They have now More than 30,000 templates At our disposal, in which we can modify the letters (over 250 different fonts), colors, textures, photos and everything we want to find them. If we need images, we can select more than five thousand for one way network totally free. In addition, we will be able to edit photos and the possibility of using the animation section. There is a paid version that expands the catalog to almost infinite words.

Photo size in social networks

If we choose to create a cover ourselves with a design program like Photoshop, we need to know the exact sizes that each social network accepts, so that we don’t have the slightest problem when posting our designs.

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Facebook on mobile

Facebook images should have specific measurements so that they appear in the best light.

  • profile picture: Profile photos require a square format of 180 × 180 pixels for computer and 32 × 32 pixels for mobile.
  • cover page: The measurements for the cover photo on a computer are 820 × 312 pixels for a computer and 640 × 360 pixels for a mobile phone.
  • Event Cover: LThe measurements accepted by Facebook are 1,920 × 1,080 pixels.
  • Publication: Images must be 1200 × 630 pixels.


On Twitter we should have the following sizes so that the photos we put on the cover and in the tweets look good.

  • profile picture: It can measure 400 × 400 pixels or 200 x 200 and weighs no more than 2 MB.
  • Cover Image: They will fit us well by measures of 1,500 × 500 pixels.
  • Image Tweet If we want to see the whole image in a tweet, it should measure 600 × 335 pixels.


The place where pictures are most important is Instagram. Well, there are appropriate measures here too, so that they look great and nothing is cut.

  • Profile: It is best to use a size of 110 × 100 pixels.
  • Category Photo: It is recommended to use 1,080 × 1,080 pixels, although it accepts a maximum size of 2,080 × 2,080 pixels.
  • Vertical photo – horizontal: The vertical should measure 1,350 × 1,080 pixels, While best for horizontal photos, it has a size of 1,080 × 566 pixels.
  • Stories: Stories should be 1,080 x 1,920 pixels to fit the photo.
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YouTube on smartphone

YouTube is another social network where measurement of photos is very important so that everything goes well and everyone who watches our channel is satisfied.

  • profile picture– Size should be 800 x 800 pixels.
  • Cover image: The best size is 2,560 × 1,440 pixels, with a maximum size of 6 MB.
  • YouTube Thumbnail Size: 1,280 × 720 pixels is what a thumbnail of each video of our channel should measure.


Dedicated social networks for professionals also have certain measures so that everything can be done in the best possible way.

  • profile picture: 400 × 400 pixels.
  • Header for profile: Best size is 1. 584 × 396 pixels.
  • Logo: In this case it should be 300 × 300 pixels.
  • cover page: Recommended size of 1,536 × 768 pixels.
  • Company Banner: 646 × 220 pixels.
  • Post: If we want to put an image in a post, then its size should be 520 × 320 pixels.



The following are the measurements of this social network dedicated to photographs:

  • profile picture: The normal for this picture is 165 × 165 pixels.
  • Pines: In this case, the width should be 600 pixels, but the height is not specified and it could be whatever we want, although there are those who estimate that the best measurement is 236 pixels.
  • Board Photo: The recommended size by the social network is 222 x 150 pixels.

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