Here’s how to search Google Maps on Apple Watch

After several years of absence, Google Map Now available againApple Watch. Learn how to use the app on your Apple smartwatch.

With its status as the most used watch in the world, the Apple Watch is widely attracting application developers. Unfortunately, it no longer supports Google Maps since 2017. And for good reason, the Mountain View firm ended support for the wearable that year. While the real reason for this abandonment has never been revealed to people, Google seems to have done so due to limited capabilities on the app compared to the iPhone app. Despite this, the firm promised that Maps would return to the Apple Watch at some point. Done now!

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As the phone arena claims, the mapping application is once again available to owners of Apple smartwatches.

An application that relies on the iPhone

Thanks to the last update of Google Maps, it is now possible to assign a route and approximate arrival time to the Apple Watch. However, the functionality has its limitations, because instead of allowing data to be entered directly on the connected watch, the application requires an iPhone. Indeed, it is on the latter that the user will enter details of his journey. The information will then be transmitted to the smartwatch.

With this “new start” on the Cupertino company’s Connected Watch, Google Maps promises to deliver those who are likely to receive instructions as their displacement progresses. Whether walking or in a vehicle, the application will provide information on the routes to follow. As mentioned above, this version of Google Maps for Apple Watch also displays the estimated time of arrival.

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A minimal interface

Unlike the interface of the smartphone version of the application, the Apple Watch is less loaded. However, to better guide the user, the main screen shows the current journey. Icons tell you when to make a turn along with the remaining time before reaching the destination. The service is also able to identify the mode of transport used.

To install this new version of Google Maps on your Apple Watch, visit this page of the App Store.

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