Here Is How You Can Use Memes as a Social Media Marketing Tool.

Meme, the king of all content on the internet. We all love them, whether we would like to admit it or not. They have taken social media by storm. To a point where it is hard to imagine what we used Facebook for before memes.  

With a platform like and many others, generating online content has become effortless. Memes too are one such idea. The internet itself gives you many meme-generators with pre-made templates and formats.

Why Memes?

By why is it that memes are making their way into marketing channels? These points below should clarify this doubt.

1. Free

The free nature of memes is the reason every online creator makes them. Memes are possible with free online tools and applications. They look professional even without premium software. For example, using a tool like InVideo, you can make memes videos for free.

Just the basic knowledge of the trends is enough to make memes. This image is unlike other forms of content creation, like videos, or graphic design, that require years of learning and training.

2. Establish Brand Image

Putting means on your social media platforms is one way to establish a peppy and fun brand image. Memes cater to a very nice market. Letting your audience know you are ‘one of them’ is a unique selling point.

Who would not want to follow a brand that uses social media posts and Spiderman memes to speak to their audience? Hop over to this website to create one.

3. Engagements

Since memes are relatable content, they drive excellent engagement on a post. The comment section of every meme is a battle for the best comment. This social media validation works to your advantage to drive interactions.

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The funny nature of memes also makes them highly shareable on social media. Apart from videos, memes are the most shared form of online content today.

4. Trending Creation

If you are a brand that shies away from memes, you are missing out on specific trends in the digital space. Memes can stir up social media trends and dominate every online conversation.

In certain situations, not posting memes could prove disadvantageous to your brand. Similarly, meme-topics trend on social media, which reduces the burden of generating concepts for online content.

5. Simple Formats

Lastly, memes are pre-made templates and formats. One does not have to study book-loads the information to understand the exact meme creation guidelines. Every means acceptable, and anyone can create them.

Using Memes For Marketing.

Since we have established the power of memes on social media, here are six ways to use memes as a marketing tool. While each meme is not a formula for success, not attempting them is nearly foolish.

1. Learn Your Crowd

Step one to successfully generating a meme-driven content plan is by understanding your audience. As wonderful and ideal as you might have, it must resonate with the demographic that buys your products. These memes would provide little value to your brand if not planned with the TG in mind. 

Memes should reciprocate the voice of your brand and cater to the interests of your audience. If your audience is older, classier, and prefer a chic lifestyle — then memes might do damage to your reputation.

2. Know Your Memes

Understand memes before you become a supplier. The culture of means is versatile and contains a sea of information. Each meme is dedicated to a particular emotion, moment, joke, mood, and much more

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What started as a simple funny image; has become an internet phenomenon. Memes have discussion forums and recently incorporated into marketing classes globally. Knowing your memes is as essential as any other form of content creation.

For example, if you wish to make videos, you would first understand the nuances of filmmaking, Similarly, spend a few weeks on meme pages and applications to study the nerve of the audience on them.

3. Reply With Memes

Let’s not forget that means are not just content posts. You can also use memes to reply to audiences on social media.

Even to direct messages and inquiries; sprinkle in a GIF or animation to truly establish the fun energy of your company.

The most impactful way to ‘reply with means’ is by responding to the post of competitors. Start a meme-battle online with your competition. These are light-hearted banter between brands that worked as excellent marketing tools for social media (especially Twitter).

4. Capture Trends

Memes are trending ideas this change each week. There is a new format, an original image, or a news story that trends each week.

Once the new story dies the memes that surround it too. Just like fast fashion, there is a need to generate memes on the fly. Brainstorm ideas and upload the best content as soon as you notice a trend that your company can leverage.

5. Jokes Are Also Tricky

Keep in mind that means at the end of the day are jokes. What sounds funny to you might not invoke the same reaction from others. Brands shy away from memes for this uncertainty in perception.

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Jokes are the dubious format of internet content; it is almost impossible to calculate if a joke works. Before hitting publish pause and reflect on the possible reactions.

One way to dodge the problem is by seeking the opinions of others in your company or friends who understand meme creation. A joke misinterpreted could do more damage than good to your brand.

6. Don’t Push It

Lastly, it is essential to realize that jokes and memes are not for everybody. Only because they are trending or you wish to be part of the bandwagon does not make it a good reason for you to publish memes.

If you and your team cannot find the best idea to publish, do not publish them at all. Never upload half-baked memes with the motive of chasing a trend.

Since these internet images are easy to create, hundreds of people each day make them. Which means only the best memes will stand out in the clutter.

In Conclusion,

A meme can win you an audience, but that does not mean you turn into a meme page. Complement the messages of your brand and only make content that reflects its ideologies.

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