Hello Anant promises game adaptation on all media

An engineer is working Hello infinite Told how the game would perform better on all media and not just Xbox One.

In the latest January 2021 issue of Inside Infinity, which follows the development of the upcoming Halo blog, Daniel Giannetti, who works on the game’s original design, described how the studio has re-engineered the use of engines that s ” Helps ensure the game runs better on all platforms: it will come on Xbox One, Xbox series X&S as well as PC.

“For Halo Infiniti, we have rebuilt the engine multithreading solution to ensure maximum efficiency on all consoles and PCs. We didn’t just adapt an Xbox, “Gianneti explains. “We have used this new system to present a parallel structure where ten of our multi-threading multi-threading to support the graphics needs of all our new rendering possibilities and achieve high graphics efficiency on all types of PC processors. Times increase. Xbox Series X / S at Xbox One X / S. »

This clearly states that while the game will be released on the consoles of previous generations, there will be no major agreement for more powerful machines. Similarly, Frank O’Connor, the development director of the Halo franchise, assured in 2019 that the Xbox One would not be considered a second-rate machine compared to the Halo Infiniti.

Giannetti’s statement confirms the promises of 343 and technically tells us about the form of this adaptation effort. This is obviously very important for the team as the game is in full development and they have completely remodeled some devices to ensure that if you don’t have a Next Gen console or high-end PC: “We Doing everything to make sure that the halo runs infinitely, no matter what stage you choose, ”says Gianetti. A particularly significant effort after the first gameplay presentation of Halo Infiniti at this summer’s Xbox game showcase was followed by outrage, which was then pushed back to 2021.

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We also learn on this blog that Halo Infiniti will benefit from the possibility of adaptation of Commando. The game is still scheduled for late 2021.

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