Google Maps will soon allow Metro tickets to be purchased in the app

Google Maps is getting new features. Within the application, it will soon be possible to pay for parking, but also for metro or bus tickets. If more than 80 partner transport agencies are mentioned, we do not know if the facility will ever arrive in France.

To pay your metro ticket, you have to queue up at the ticket office or in front of an automated machine, often causing the loss of precious minutes. You must also touch the said machine, which is not really the best thing to do during an epidemic. Google has decided to solve this problem in Maps. Soon it will be possible to buy His metro ticket in direct application.

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As Google states in a blog post, the Mountain View giant has signed a partnership With over 80 transportation agencies worldwide. No list has been released. Only two cities appear in the press release: New York and San Francisco. So we do not know if it would be possible to buy a ticket for a trip to Paris. There is nothing like it at the moment.

Google Maps also offers to pay your parking meter

The operation of this new facility is simple. You plan a route on your Maps application and it offers you to buy a virtual ticket. To pass the terminals, simply pass your phone to the dedicated terminals and allow the NFC to do it. A good method that allows you to touch as little as possible in the metro in addition to making your life easier. This is not the first time Google has offered work to fight coronaviruses.

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Google does not think about public transport only because the application will allow you to pay for parking through the application. Again, the goal is to prevent you from touching the parking meter. You just have to pay through the app and a timer will appear in your app telling you how much time you have left. For now, this is the last feature Is for the United States only. Google still indicates that it has signed an agreement with more than 400 municipalities nationwide.

Maps will offer this new feature in the coming weeks and will also be available IOS compared to Android. Of course, if she ever lands in France, we’ll keep you posted.

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