General Motors Develops Lunar Vehicle for NASA

Boeing’s chief subcontractor in the construction of the lunar mobile vehicle used by NASA for the 3 Apollo missions to the moon, General Motors is developing a new type of lunar vehicle for NASA in collaboration with Lockheed Martin. A new, more efficient rover, allowing you to explore new areas.

“These new generation rovers Will greatly expand the range of astronauts “ Lockheed Martin Executive Vice President Rick Ambrose made the announcement in a press release on Wednesday. To develop a new vehicle used by NASA Next artemis mission On the Moon, the US defense and security firm is associated with General Motors, which has already manufactured such a vehicle as Boeing’s main subcontractor. Apollo Mission.

more efficient

General Motors is currently developing a rover of the future More efficient than previous ones. While the old one was able to reach a little over 9 km / h and moved 8 km from the landing site, thus the new one would have to “cover the distance” much longer “According to Lockheed Martin, who did not provide more details. Autonomous driving and dangerous terrain capabilities, Important request from NASA, will be included in this new vehicle to locate the southern part of the moon, “where it does Cold and dark With rough terrain “.

First mission scheduled for unmanned test flight November. NASA will award the contract after evaluating the submitted proposals.

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