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Fortunite fans can complete new challenges as part of the launch of Season 5.

The Fortnite Season 5 update introduces the brand’s new grace system and a gold bar coin project.

You can take in the parks by visiting the sheriff, checking the notice boards, and talking to other characters across the map.

If you accept a favor, you will be given the responsibility to remove a random opponent within a specified time.

Complete five of these parks and you’ll earn a whopping 55K XP to help level up the battle levels.

Each character has individual challenges to unlock new pieces of armor and style.

For example, the Mandorolian can complete the Bexar challenge to unlock a new part of a brand’s shoulder armor.

To complete the challenge and unlock the prize, players are tasked with discovering the location of the Razor Crest ship.

Fortunately, you know where to go on the map if this challenge is too easy.

From the image above you can see that the crashed Razor Crest ship will be found near the new Zero Point location.

If you’re on foot, you’ll find it south of the Kalsal Coliseum and north of Lazy Lake.

Alternatively, simply land on the spot marked on the map above and you finish the challenge and unlock the new prize.

Check out some of the other challenges below …

Mandal Mandorolian Challenge – Full Bounty (5) – 55K XP

Bandolier Challenge (Stage 1 or 4) – Shotgun Elimination (3) – 20K XP

Lexa Challenge (first stage of 3) – see named locations (5) – 20K XP

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There is also a selection of limited time challenges, where you are tasked with running one zipline and another where you have to destroy the structures of the steamy stacks including

These challenges are only for a few hours, so expect replacement challenges later today.

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