Fleets: Twitter has launched a worldwide invisible Twitter tool

Twitter has introduced a new feature called ‘Fleet’ worldwide: tweets that disappeared 24 hours later, similar to the story feature on Snapchat and Instagram.

Earlier, Twitter announced its plans for these short tweets, calling them “fleet” and testing the feature in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea.

“Some of you are telling us that tweeting is uncomfortable because it’s so public, so enduring, and there’s so much pressure to like tweets,” wrote Twitter Design Director Joshua Harris and Product Manager Sam Haveson in a blog post.

“As they disappear from the scene a day later, the fleet feels more comfortable sharing personal and casual thoughts, opinions and feelings.”

Some Twitter users who have researched the tool say it has created alarming opportunities for online harassment to allow unwanted direct messages. It also allows fleet writers to tag people who have blocked them. Twitter says it is listening to feedback and working on solutions to such national security concerns.

Fleets can include text, photos and videos. These will be available at the top of users’ home timelines on Twitter and on the sender’s profile.

Twitter and other social media organizations are under pressure to provide better police objections and viral misinformation. Twitter spokeswoman Liz Kelly said the fleets followed the same rules as Twitter.

Kelly said the warnings or labels – which Twitter has begun to apply to manipulated media and misinformation about civic processes or to content such as Covid-19 – could be applied to fleets.

Twitter has also confirmed that it is working on a live audio feature called Spaces that it aims to test soon. The feature will allow users to talk in public group conversations. It has similarities with Clubhouse, a social platform using voice chat rooms.

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“Given all the potential for abuse in the audio space, we’re going to first make it available to women and histor historically marginalized communities,” Kelly said.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced a feature for users to tweet recorded voice notes.

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