Find your home 750 million years ago with a map of the world – when NYC was next to Africa

Find your home 750 million years ago with a map of the world - when NYC was next to Africa

An interactive map can show you where your home was on Earth 750 million years ago.

With Earth’s tectonic plates moving above its 4.5-billion-year history, your city has probably traveled more than you.


The online tool is called Ancient Earth Globe.

It has recently grown in popularity since the launch of paleontologist Ian Webster a few years ago.

Webster had previously written to Hacker News: “I’m amazed that geologists gathered enough information to really plot my house 750 million years ago, so I thought you’d enjoy it too.”

“Although plate tectonic models return precise results, your plots should be considered approximate (obviously we will never be able to prove accuracy).

A tool on the right can help you keep an eye on the earth by relying on milestones such as its presence "The first insects" Or "The first flower"


A tool on the right can help you look at the earth based on milestones like “first insect” or “first flower”Credit: Ian Webster / Ancient Earth

“In my experiments I found that the results of the model could vary significantly. I chose this particular model because it is widely quoted and covers the maximum length of time.”

You can still use the ‘Year’ tool to view the Earth’s continents at different stages, still up to 5050 million years ago.

It shows that 240 million years ago you could technically go from New York to Nairobi in Kenya.

New York is the dot on the left and Nairobi on the right


New York is the dot on the left and Nairobi on the rightCredit: Ian Webster / Ancient Earth

Or, you can select options from the menu on the right that allow you to see what Earth looks like in the presence of certain creatures.

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These ranged from the “extinction of the dinosaurs” to the “first multiple life”.

Unfortunately, the map does not show our billions of years of Earth history, but it does provide insights into the four super continents – Panotia, Gondwana, Lorentia and Pangia.

The default on the map was 240 million years ago in Pangia world.

It is basically a large land connecting all the continents of today’s world.

You may notice that your own city was under water a few million years ago or that it is related to the tectonic plate that can no longer be traced backwards.

The website explained 5050 million years ago: “Glaciers probably covered the entire planet during the most famous ice age on Earth.

“A variety of unicellular organisms, such as green algae, appear for the first time.”

A timeline of life on earth

Year after year the history of the planet …

  • 4.6 billion years ago – the origin of the earth
  • 3.8 billion years ago – the first life appeared on Earth
  • 2.1 billion years ago – living things made up of multiple cells evolved
  • 1.5 billion years ago – eukaryotes, the cells that contain the nucleus inside their membranes, grew
  • The first arthropods developed – 550 million years ago
  • 530 million years ago – the presence of the first fish
  • 470 million years ago – the first land plants appear
  • 380 million years ago – the forest originated on Earth
  • 300 million years ago – the first amphibians rose through the water
  • 320 million years ago – the oldest reptiles evolved
  • 230 million years ago – dinosaurs evolved
  • 200 million years ago – the presence of mammals
  • The oldest birds evolved 150 million years ago
  • 130 million years ago – the first flowering plants
  • 100 million years ago – the oldest bee
  • 55 million years ago – rabbits and rabbits appear
  • The first cats evolved – 30 million years ago
  • 20 million years ago – great apes evolved
  • The first human ancestor appeared 7 million years ago
  • 2 million years ago – Homo erectus appeared
  • 300,000 years ago – Homo sapiens evolved
  • 50,000 years ago – Eurasia and Oceania colonized
  • 40,000 years ago – Neanderthal extinction
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Scientists have revealed how a future continent could reshape the map of the earth

In other archaeological reports, a huge fortress dating to the 12th century BC has been discovered in Israel, and experts link it to a biblical structure.

An ancient cemetery with more than 1,500 bodies has been discovered in circular graves in Japan.

And, a puppy was preserved in the permafrost since the last ice age when the first of the last wool rhinos on earth was fed to one of its units before it died.

Have you tried the interactive map yet? Let us know in the comments …

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