Find Oppo Find X3 Pro vs Oppo Find X3 Pro, what are the differences?

The new high-end smartphone Oppo Find X3 Pro has been officially unveiled during just one presentation. But what is it compared to the previous Find X2 Pro from last year. Here are some answers that help you make your choice whether you should fall for the new model.

Let’s start with the aesthetic side of Oppo smartphone. These two benefit from a very high end. Last year’s model, the Find X2 Pro, is available in a version, with orange vegan leather and gold lines with a particularly luxurious effect and black, more classic. For this year, run out of leather, but greet the rear shell in a single thermoformed piece to accommodate the rear photo lens. The Find X3 Pro is available in High Gloss Black Guaranteed Mirror Effect or Blue, Matte Anti-Fingerprint. Find X3 Pro is lighter (193 grams) compared to the X2 Pro and its 200 grams. It is also thin Measuring 8.26 mm as against 9.5 mm for the previous year’s model. It is much more compact in both height and width.

Last year’s vs most powerful of this year S.K.

While Find X2 Pro used last year’s top-performing chip, the Snapdragon 865, its successor has used it The new Snapdragon 888 Promised better performance. They are both 12 GB RAM And Find has a storage capacity of 256 GB for the X3 Pro, while it was 512 GB for the X2 Pro, no one can go further, there is no slot for the memory card.

At the battery level, Oppo has renewed its principle of two units. Find X2 Pro’s 2×2250 mAh against 2×2230 mAh So find the X3 Pro that offers better autonomy, especially since its 120 Hz screen is adaptive to optimize energy resources, which is not the case with the Find X2 Pro where the switch is manual. Both support 65 watts fast charging to fully recharge in less than 40 minutes. The Find X3 Pro takes advantage of both induction and reverse charging at 30 watts and 15 watts respectively.

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Oppo Find X2 Pro

Screens that are ultimately quite similar

Find X3 Pro screen is similar to Find X2 Pro. Do both 6.7 inches on 120 Hz AMOLED panel and 6.7R10 compatible. Find X3 Pro Adds HDR10 + And adaptive frequency. In addition, its definition is slightly higher: 1440×3216 pixels for the Find X3 Pro compared to 1440×3168 pixels for the X2 Pro. It is a 10-bit panel capable of displaying 1 billion colors. Both are curved, marking the most premium models and their edges are as thin as the other.

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We forget the telescope and we take out the microscope

Finally, for the photo portion, while the Find X2 Pro had two 48-megapixel sensors with 13-megapixels for wide-angle, Find X3 Pro has two 50-megapixel sensors Developed Suppliers together with Sony One of which can handle both macro and wide-angle photos. It also has a 13 megapixel sensor 2x optical zoom that can go up to 20x in digital Where Find X2 Pro can go up to 60X. On the other hand, A Find X3 Pro Wins A Microscope Objective Which allows him to raise subjects 60x, revealing all his details in front of him. Find x3 pro Look for the X2 Pro’s 32-megapixel sensor to take a selfie. Find X3 Pro is officially IP68 certified, Like its predecessor. Both are Wi-Fi 6 And of course compatible with Bluetooth, without forgetting the functionality NFC For contactless payment.

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