Do not update your Xiaomi Mi A3 to Android 11. This is the company’s official appeal to device owners

The Xiaomi Mi A3 is arguably the company’s most distressed smartphone in terms of software updates.

Xiaomi released critical updates for this several times, then called them back, then did it all over again, and not without problems again.

And now with the next update, problems again. The release of Android 11 was a pleasant surprise for the owners of the Mi A3 for the first time, as despite the attitude of the Android One program, the device was not already updated. However, the first lucky people quickly realize that they were happy early. After the update, some users faced the fact that their devices simply stopped running.

It is not yet clear how many such users have already accumulated, but there were clearly enough for Xiaomi to appeal to the owners of the Mi A3 not to update to Android 11, even if Their devices get the appropriate firmware.

If you have received Android 11 update, ignore it for a while (do not update). Some people said that after upgrading to Android 11, their devices are locked and will not start, so stay tuned

Thus, it is better to wait and do not risk it.

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