Devil May Cree 5 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One via Virgil DSC

Devil May Cree 5 is coming to PS4 and Xbox One via Virgil DSC
Capcom announces that Virgil will be playable in current generation versions of Devil May Cry 5 via DPC Pack As part of the Capcom TGS Live 2020, producer Matt Walker and DMC5 director Hidaki Istuno announced new features after discussions DLC next gen Devil May Cry 5 is coming as part of the special edition. Due to the limitations of the technology many of its new improvements cannot be added to the PS4 and Xbox One versions, making Virgil playable via DLC.

“People have been asking me to play as Virgil since the arrival of DMC5, so I’m glad we can finally answer these requests,” Walker said.

No date has been announced, but payment has been made for DLC, and so current-genre users will have to pay to add Virgil to their game.

Virgil was shown only ten seconds of gameplay so what his move-set is yet to be confirmed, but we were able to see a skill in which Virgil surrounded himself with a revolving blue sword that drew enemies closer to him.The Devil May Cree 5 Special Edition was announced for the next generation consoles at the latest PS5 Live Stream event. It will be released on launch day for both the Xbox Series X and PS5; November 10 and November 12, respectively. Check out our Devil May Cry 5 review to see what we thought of the original version.

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