Astronomers discovered a large family of stars in the Milky Way

Taking a look at the image below, it is clear that the Milky Way has a large number of stars. Astronomers say that the galaxy is filled with starry currents, but one of those currents has about 500 stars. In a new study, astronomers have discovered 8,292 stellar currents in the galaxy.

While star constellations appear in clusters, as the name suggests, flows form linear patterns. Currents Her name is Thega She is the Greek goddess of vision and heavenly light. In the study, astronomers specifically used data from the European Space Agency’s Gaia Space Telescope to study Thea 456 and found that 468 stars were born simultaneously.

The entire long star stream moves in the same direction as a group in the sky. Most star clusters together study Northwestern University writer Jeff Andrews. Andrews says what’s exciting about Thea 456 is that it is not a small cluster of stars together; It is very long and stretchy.

Astronomers also note that some of the nearby streams are young and widely scattered. Stars usually form in clusters, which are spherical clusters. Recent data have revealed other star models, including long currents seen in Thea 456, spanning 570 light years on the Milky Way.

It took astronomers a long time to discover the galactic current on a large scale because it lives in the galactic plane and hides it from the astronomers. The current is easily hidden by 400 billion stars in the Milky Way because the galactic plane is where most of the galaxy’s mass is located. Astronomers observed that all the stars inside 456 had a similar structure with approximately the same amount of iron. The formation indicates that they formed together about 100 million years ago.

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