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Astronauts aboard the ISS are tasked with cleaning it every week, but a specific plate survives this rule. The European Space Agency has detailed what the “M├ętis” experiment is intended to test for antibacterial properties.

Even in space, bacteria are a problem. This is why the International Space Station (ISS) crew picks up clean surfaces, vacuums and all trash every Saturday. However, they should not touch a specimen holder attached to one of the walls, the European Space Agency (ESA) specifies.

This plate contains five materials designed to prevent bacteria and prevent them from growing over large areas, making them easy to kill.

The experiment was launched in 2016 by the French Thomas Pesquet, titled “Microbial Aerosol Tethering on Innovative Surface on the International Space Station”, titled “Matisse”.

Sample analysis

After about a year at the station, some material was brought back to Earth for analysis. These include a mixture of advanced technologies, ranging from self-assembled monollers to green polymers to hydrophobic hybrid silica.

“Understanding the efficiency and potential use of these materials will be essential for the design of future spacecraft, especially those that are being carried into space,” ESA concludes.

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