Amazon’s MMO will have paid cosmetic at launch

New World, The MMO developed by Amazon, is about to integrate Item payer “Especially cosmetic” at launch. Comfort items And some kind of battle pass can come later.

Studio Director Rich Lawrence passes away Twitter To answer community questions about New World Alpha and its in-game store. He reassured fans by stating that the store exists to “create a showcase for players who appreciate such items and who are happy to buy them”.

He promised that “to make the impression that shopping is necessary to enjoy the game, it was not an idea nor ever will be.” According to Lawrence, all players will experience the entire game without having to buy anything in the game.

When New World launches in August 2021, all purchasable items will be “cosmetic only”. Current store presence (the game is still in alpha) is only a test, and no items or prices are final. Testers are encouraged to provide feedback on items in the store to help developers decide which will be included in the final game and which are not.

In the future, the development team plans to “test comfort items like XP bonuses, all of which can be obtained in-game and purchased in-store while moving or moving fast”. The launch of these items will be determined by “the player’s progress in the months following launch”.

The goal with these items is that “they don’t provide an advantage that throws the game off balance”.

Lawrence also revealed that the team is working on a type of “battle pass” that “connects items from the store on a regular basis.” The feature will be tested over a long period of time to “ensure that it brings a real plus without disturbing the gameplay for those who don’t buy into the program”.

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In addition, there will also be the possibility of “optional extensions, which will be paid separately”.

If you want to know a little more about this MMO, we recently got to see a new world expedition area: Amrine’s Excavation Site.

And for more information about Amazon’s plans, we came to know that the Lord of the Rings MMO has been canceled.

Florian Marx is a freelance writer at IGN France.

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