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The guest of 23-hour Fransinfo, Charlotte Matthews, the European Space Agency (ESA) economic analyst, returns to the craze for the conquest of space, which has become a de facto international race.

After the launch of the SpaceX rocket, many Frenchmen confirmed the nations new interest in the conquest of space. “There is a new era of space, which is really opening up with general players, Americans, Russians, Europeans and Japanese, but there is also an increase in the power of China and India. We can see a real. In the field of space exploration Fad “Confirms the European Space Agency (ESA) economic analyst, Charlotte Matthews, who is a guest of the 23-hour Fresinifo.

So, can Europe lag behind in this race? “This is a joint effort. The International Space Station (ISS) is an example of twenty years of cooperation with Americans, Canadians and Russians. We have a wide variety of collaborations to return with the Americans to go to Mars in Russia.” Moon, Says Charlotte Matthews.

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