A Donkey Kong game reportedly by the team behind Super Mario Odyssey

We can do some nice surprises in favor of Nintendo during the next E3, including a new one. donkey Kong According to several sources. Rumored to take as usual with a grain of salt, but there are still reasons to believe it.

Nintendo vs Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is one of the most popular characters in the Nintendo universe and has shone through studios like Rare (Donkey kong country) Or retro studio (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) Who are able to provide great adventures to the gorillas.

It seems that Nintendo is in the process of taking over the reins internally If we believe in many reliable sources like Zippo, by developing a new opus, A very reliable “leaker” that is more or less mentioned, for example Super mario golf In 2020. The English site Nintendo Life states that a “reliable source” confirms that Nintendo will be responsible for an Opus team for development by EPD. Super mario odyssey.

The only element of disagreement between sources would be at the level of its geometry. Zippo claims that it will be in Donkey Kong game 3D while Nintendo Life Source reveals a direction in 2D or 2.5D. According to Zippo, The game will not be like the opus of the old “country” as it is not in the interest of the developers “Follow the games they didn’t”. In addition, the title could mark the return of Diddy, Cranky Kong and the Krimlings. According to these sources, it will be scheduled for this year with a possible announcement for E3 which will take place next June.

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