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In Algeria, anti-Kovid-19 vaccination campaign begins in Blida

The vaccination campaign begins in Algeria from Saturday, one day after the first dose of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. The city of Blida will be the first phase of this campaign, announced the Minister of Communications. It is in Blida, in central Algeria, that vaccination campaigns in the country begin on Saturday 30 January. The communications minister said the first dose of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V arrived in Blida’s prefecture on Friday in the province of Blida, without specifying the number of doses. “The vaccination campaign will symbolically begin from Blida on Saturday”, the communications minister said. Quoted by Ammar Belhimer, Official APS Agency. It is actually the city that was the first epicenter of the disease in the country and the most affected. The minister said that the vaccination would mainly be medical personnel, the elderly and chronically ill. In late December, Algiers announced that it had ordered 500,000 doses of the vaccine from its Russian affiliate. Largest country in the Maghreb (44 million inhabitants). ) Should also get a batch of Sinopharm vaccine, another traditional partner of Almora, in the coming days from China. “Other vaccines will soon be obtained from China, India and other countries”, the Communications Minister promised. Professor Rayad Mahyadi, Member. The scientific committee recently reported on an order from the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford that the first dose of the AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine is expected next month, he said. In Germany 20 billion dinars were treated with one leg. “Post-Kovid-19, Algerian President Abdelmadzid Tebboune urged the government last month to expedite the acquisition of the vaccine and start vaccination operations” from January “. The ambiguity surrounding the arrival date of the first dose of the vaccine has triggered controversy in the Algerian media with the global budget for the vaccination campaign expected. In an edict, to reach 20 billion dinars (122 million euros) according to the Scientific Committee to Monitor the Development of the Epidemic, the Ministry of Religious Affairs on Thursday insisted that vaccination against coronovirus “necessary to withstand the epidemic” Is and does not. ” There is a danger to the health of citizens. “” Available vaccines do not contain components prohibited by the Sharia [loi islamique]According to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Fatwa Commission in neighboring country Tunisia insisted that the number of contamination of Kovid-19 officially amounted to more than 106,000 cases, including 2,900 deaths. The first vaccination was planned in February while in Morocco, King Mohammed VI was vaccinated on Thursday, thus discontinuing the national vaccination campaign.

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