The Sandman: Season 2 filming disrupted by SAG-AFTRA strike

The Sandman: Season 2 filming disrupted by SAG-AFTRA strike

The cast union strike has caused major interruptions to all productions currently underway in the United States or elsewhere. Some have asked themselves the question: who has a vote sag AFTRA, a union that is supposed to represent American actresses and actors in priority, will films or series dominated by British, Canadian, Australian, etc. actors be affected? Looks like the answer has already been found. in the matter of deadpool 3A film composed of actors born outside the United States, or in the case of a new season the SandmanA series created based on the cast of the United Kingdom.

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On the stage Blue Sky, Neil Gaimancomics writer and showrunner On the adaptation, states that the production which had recently resumed was put on hold following the decision of sag AFTRA, As a reminder, the actresses and actors’ union has decided to go on strike tomorrow after failing to receive the requested compensation from major US studios over wages, balance pay and protective measures regarding the use of artificial intelligence. join the effort of the screenwriters of wga The Producers Guild is facing off.

on social networks, Neil Gaiman had already declared themselves in favor of the writers’ strike, and seem to welcome the stopping of the machines with a certain enthusiasm. Openly hostile to the generation of scripts by artificial intelligence, and clearly quite puzzled by the attitude (and skepticism) of the major studios, the authors state that they hopeAMPTP will end”Come to your senses and return to the negotiating table with writers and artistsLooking at the recent developments, he described himself as quite pessimistic.

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the long-awaited second season of the Sandman required a certain effort of contemplation from the thinking heads of Netflix (given the ongoing budget for the premiere), and in the context of the current crisis, we hope that the series does not suffer from the greed – or positions – of producers and broadcasters. Neil Gaiman in favor of unions. as a reminder, Netflix obviously part ofAMPTPNear Warner Bros., disney, Amazonetc.

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