London neighborhood furious at Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is generally a popular figure among the general public, but the Hackney district of London, UK, can become a “temple of doom” for the famous adventurer.

The fifth film in the popular franchise is currently being filmed in the London Borough and many residents will not enjoy welcoming the film crew there.

According to several British media, a resident would have accepted an amount equivalent to 74,000 Canadian dollars for a production to shoot some scenes in his home.

The latter left his home for the duration of the shooting, but no one else in the neighborhood received any compensation.

And his neighbors are now complaining about the many inconveniences caused by this four-day shoot.

The road would have been blocked, a hundred parking spots would have been monopolized and there would be powerful lights all over the street, sometimes until midnight.

According to the British daily “The Sun”, a group of neighborhood residents have now gone on a crusade against the owner of the house, who “made others rich by suffering the inconvenience of shooting”.

A 45-year-old woman told that a friend living in the neighborhood had to park her car 15 minutes’ walk from her house.

Another claim to have got a $150 ticket for illegal parking.

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