Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ready to return to the royal family? “She called William”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ready to return to the royal family?  “She called William”

Let’s stop everything! Is it really possible that William and Harry, brothers who have gone from collusion to estrangement, will finally reconcile? We can consider this quite a bit, while Prince Harry mustering his courage by telephoning his older brother who, more than many in recent years, was playing cards on the table despite their bickering.

But if the couple in exile in the United States have indeed taken a step towards the Prince of Wales, it’s probably not without a thought in the back of their mind. Indeed, for the past few weeks, galleys have been linked to each other for the Sussexes may need the support.

Why did Harry call Prince William after all?

If they try to stick together and look good smiling, the situation will be much more difficult for the Sussexes. Professional galleys have been piling up for a few weeks, whereas a few months ago everything seemed to be smiling at them. After gaining everyone’s attention after her participation in the Oprah show, the publication of her documentary on Netflix (Harry and Meghan) and publication of memoirs of prince harry ,optional), the house of cards seems about to collapse. It is in this difficult context that prince harry He must have called his elder brother to the rescue.

The couple came to know about this about ten days ago. Spotify wanted to end his lucrative $20 million contract, despite the top rank ofarchetypePodcast hosted by meghan markle and is dedicated to interviewing empowered women. The Reason? Very little material, as only 12 episodes were provided by the duo. Prince Harry had tried to propose other projects to the streaming giant, but his outlandish ideas found no takers.

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While the separation was described as a joint decision, it appears that it was above all a wish. Spotify To get rid of the pairs. Bill Simmons, the company’s head of innovation and podcast monetization, criticized the pair in his podcast, calling them “scammers”. Jeremy Zimmer, CEO United Talent Agency In an interview he was told that Meghan Markle was “not a great audio talent, nor necessarily a genius in any area”.

Another disappointment, while the couple was expected to receive nominations Emmy AwardsNone of the 25 proposed categories cited them. a necklace that can bring Netflix to review their agreements with them, while their $150 million contract stipulated substantial production of material here as well.

Are Harry and Meghan really in dire straits?

“it’s clear that megxit It blew up in his face” assured a source close to in contactwhich analyzes the fact that leaving across the Atlantic, duke and duchess of sussex Didn’t expect to face so much hatred and disappointment. “Harry is beginning to wonder whether he has made the right decision to leave England. He also suggested Meghan Markle return to London and the royal family,” the source further added that the incident has caused the Duchess of Sussex a great deal of doubt and fear. And even then, he will have to come to terms with the prospect, while “Harry admitted he called Prince William for a ceasefire and told his brother that he and Meghan would be ready to return to London, where they will be reunited with the King.” Will serve Charles.” III” adds the source.

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If things continue on the same track, it is not excluded that the couple and their two children will have to return to live in the United Kingdom, where they will likely benefit from benefits due to their royal status. The source testified, “Harry needs a Plan B.” But will King Charles III agree to let go of the past to forgive his family and focus on his future?

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