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Uygar: China ratifies extradition treaty, what about Turkey?

Will Turkey extradite the Uygars? While thousands of them had found refuge in the country, China has ratified just one migrant treaty. Already written in 2017, it will trigger the return of some Uygars to the country suspected of “terrorism”. A way for China to pressure Turkey. Because if the population feels close to the Uygars, the government on the other hand depends on Chinese investment. With our correspondent in Istanbul, Cerise Sudrey-Le DyThey is about 50,000. All of them have dramatic stories to tell, a prison camp or a frantic flight. In Turkey, the Uygars have taken refuge and the Turkish population has strong support. Because Uygars are Muslim, and they also share a language with the Turkish language. But the new treaty ratified by China over the weekend may once again drag the community into fear, as it would allow. Turkey to extradite some militants suspected of “terrorism”. Turkey has not ratified the treaty so far: it must first go through parliament. But if Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke of the massacre ten years ago, he stirred the fate of the Uygar people, since then he has poured water. His wine. Opposition parties accuse the government of tying its feet and fists with Beijing, as it faces a permanent economic crisis, requiring more Chinese investment in Turkey than ever before – some reports suggested earlier on Ankara Accused of starting work only and judiciously to bring the Uygars back to Beijing. have listen: Suppression of Uygar people in China: what can the international community do?

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