Witch Hunt Tourism: Between Commerce and Commemoration

After the horror of the witch wandering in parts of Europe and America, the witches still cast a spell on us. Surprising powers have been conveyed to them, they appear romantic and reappear as Halloween decorations every year. He often plays “bad” characters in films, on stage and on television. Sometimes, however, they are portrayed as good and even lovable.

In fact, all the accused of using witches and magical practices were ordinary people. Their stories are told to date – and generate income for places that have been associated with the Gupta period. For example, the US state of Massachusetts includes the infamous Salem and Jugaramurdi, the “Salem of Spain”.

Most people are less aware that people – mostly women – are still persecuted for witchcraft around the world. Along with this, there is also growing uneasiness that people remember the way they remember the men, women and children killed in witch hunting in today’s tourism cities. So the question is: how do we tread the fine line between remembrance and commercialization? The answer is not easy.

Witch kits and torture

They reappear every year on Halloween: women with hooked noses and pointed hats – perhaps more so than in Salem.

Prior to the epidemic, the city generated approximately $ 140 million annually to one million tourists. Salem is now synonymous with the witch trials of 1692, in which 19 people were executed for witchcraft. The month-long Halloween festival is the biggest attraction for visitors, attracting more than 30 percent of the city’s annual tourists. They arrive in costumes, take photographs of police officers with patches in the form of pointed hats and shop glass shots decorated with witches.

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