Welsh government fears I’m a celebrity’s circuit breaker – as it acknowledges the show is good for mental health

The Welsh government has said that people need a celebrity right now in the midst of a mental health crisis.

The remarks were made during a press briefing today after asking why Skate’s ITV show.

The new series will be filmed at Gruich Castle in Abercrombie the following month after moving out of Australia.

Despite the fact that local businesses were forced to shut down in the wake of the upcoming “circuit breaker” lockdown across Wales – the economy minister was questioned about whether he should be allowed to proceed to the convoy.

He responded: “If it can continue in a safe way, it has a long-term advantage.

“I know that the producers are incredibly interested in proving that they can create an event of this nature during the epidemic and in a responsible way.”

The government minister added: “People may need something like this right now after watching television because there is a mental health crisis right now.”

Mr Skates said our community needs to “bring people together” and “this kind of program can often do it.”

He did mention, however, that he had been “busy” lately and had not followed “the hard work of a celebrity.”

Labor MS says he is “delighted” that the “extraordinary” Girich Castle will be used this year.

The Welsh government’s comments come after Castle himself learned of the response to the recent lockdown news.

In a statement released yesterday, it expressed confidence that the “overriding message” was that filming could still move forward.

It acknowledges that providing it is not possible to sit at home and must have full compliance with the law.

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Guerrich Castle further commented that government guidelines should be followed, including the legal obligation to take “all reasonable measures” to maintain physical distance in the workplace.

Do you think that I should still be a celebrity this year?

ITV has previously assured me that a celebrity will “follow all relevant guidelines” and “strict protocol”.

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