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Kovid-19 treated, President Tabonke back in Algeria

Two months after leaving for Germany where he was treated for Kovid-19, President Abdelmadid Tebboune returned to Algeria. He appeared in the Algerian public channel ENTV’s newspaper, at 8 pm on Tuesday, and promised to return to Algeria quickly. President Abdelmadzid Teboune, 75, who had been undergoing treatment in Germany since October 28 after contracting Kovid-19, appeared in a video aired on the 8 pm newspaper of the public channel ENTV. “It’s hard to get away so far. Declared his country and even more difficult that he has too much responsibility “, the head of state. The President’s plane left Berlin at noon to land in Algiers around 6 pm local time. Apparently, In good health, the Algerian president, who has gained weight since his last television appearance, has left. Heard he was almost cured. He was welcomed at the airport by several senior officials of the country, including Prime Minister Abdelaziz Jerad and the army chief included General Said Changari. He happily spoke of being “happy”. The year for all Algerians, “better than in 2020.” He was the first since his medical transfer to Germany in a video message The bar appeared on December 13. Possibly thin, President Teboune had tried to reassure the Algerians about his health. He finished his treatment and left the hospital at the end of November, but the duration of his stay in Germany lasted Was extended to. On finance law The signed Abdelmadid Teboune officially held the reins of the country during his stay abroad, but in reality it has not been able to exercise any of his main privileges for more than two months. Therefore they should sign the Finance Law for the year 2021 at midnight of 31 December. Furthermore, the decree on the amendment of the constitution, the major project adopted by the referendum on 1 November, cannot apply without its commencement. Little is known about his foresight, his health and opacity. Rumors and disinformation were fueled by prolonged absence. The illness and the president’s departure abroad plunged Algeria back into the humiliating pangs of Abdelaziz Boutaflika’s reign, when the latter struck, in a shock in 2013, before being ousted from power in April 2019 by Hirak.AFP’s popular rebellion. Helpless and apathetic, to handle the office, had continued.

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